In a romantic and picturesque place, where the blue of Messinian Bay meets the peacefull olive trees, you will find "Aiolos" apartments. 


Stoupa   ...the fairy of Messiniakos

Its initial name was Potamos (River) after the river that crossed the area but later on was renamed Stoupa after the “stoupia” that the inhabitants used to soak in the water in order to soften them and be able to elaborate them more easily. 

The 2 scenic, shallow, sandy beaches are well organized. The crystal waters attract visitors from all parts of the world. The diversity of the scenery is breathtaking. Small rivers, brackishness, amazing caves, small ports and islands, the hill and the castle on top, all in great harmony.  

Excursions in the region can offer you many thrills. 

Restaurants and taverns, bars and cafes cover every taste and every fashion. 

Particularly the beautiful beach of Kalogria is famous around the world because of Kazantzakis and Zorbas living there in 1917. It was there that they developed their friendship which later on led to Kazantzakis’ masterpiece “Zorba the greek”.  

Apart from his wife Galatia there were other Kazantzakis’ guests such as Agelos Sikelianos and his wife Eve, Marika Kotopouli and Kiveli.


Lefktros is a small village not far away. Its inhabitants were the first people to build Stoupa. The city of Lefktros is ancient. It has been destroyed many times and its ancient citadel was taken over by Francs andVenetians.

We know about the castle of Lefktros from Pafsania, the ancient writer and traveler.